Singer voice therapy

The concept

As a singer and, even more, as a professional singer, you are challenged to have a great stabile vocal emission.

You don’t have the possibility of leaving things to chance.






If you suffer from a vocal disorder, this vocal stability is affected and with it, the body-mind-voice-emotions construction.

During the process of vocal regeneration, acoustic, functional and sensory precision and sensitivity are the tools we will use to restore balance, reintegrate these aspects and return to the place where the magic happens: the stage.

In most cases, singing voice disorders occur in the superficial layers of the vocal folds. This affects the ability of the epithelium that covers the fold or vocal cord to move. That is the reason why you feel that your voice does not react as usual. The causes are, in general, multiple. You can read more about the origins of vocal disorders in singers here .

What is the regeneration process about?

Your vocal health and singing need a balanced voice-body-mind-emotion system voice-body-mind-emotions system in balance.. I consider it as important to regenerate the voice and make technical adjustments as it is to develop or reactivate mental-emotional and bodily resources. This ensures that you emerge stronger from the crisis, with the collection of tools needed to recreate your professional life on a daily basis.

In the sessions , you and I, we will work and integrate the following topics:

Regeneration of vocal functions that are affected: most of the time they are very subtle functions, the soft attack, the ability to sing pianistically, messa di voce, for example.

Replacement of compensating maneuversWhen the voice begins to fail, singers tend to develop techniques to stabilize it (very subtle increases in pressure or tension). In our sessions we bring them to consciousness and replace them with healthy and acoustically efficient options.

Technical and body integration
: that is to say, transforming the technique into “organic”. Organic exercise allows you to make your practices efficient and refreshing. This does not mean making body movements while singing but, in each technical step, cultivating a bodily “permeability”.

Mind and emotions
The Mind and Emotions: you will discover new resources to overcome stage fright, learn to deal with your inner critic and return to the high demands of this career strengthened.

Back to where the magic happens
After your recovery, I will accompany you in the evaluation of the first on stage and choice of repertoire.

Do not hesitate to write me if you need more information.


The concept

In most cases, singing voice disorders occur in the superficial layers of the vocal folds.

sing course

The objectives

The regeneration process of your singing voice is a very individual process.

The symptoms

The symptoms

Most of the singers who come to my studio show symptoms only in the singing voice.


The origins

Vocal disorders are most of the time multicausal. Let’s see what these reasons could be.