The art and science of teaching

It transforms the experience of guiding a student in technical and artistic development,
in a rewarding and exciting task.

Without exceptional teachers, even the best techniques are useless.

TeachingLab invites you to invites you to:


    • Change your perspective and position yourself as an expert in personal and artistic transformation processes.
    • To tread new paths as a teacher, backed by the ingenuity and evidence of the sciences and humanities and by the creativity and and passion for the subtleties of art.
    • Expand your ability to transform musicians, taking into account the person behind the voice/instrument.
    • Kneading and shaping your experience with refreshing scientific evidence to make the motivating and transformative vocal/instrumental development processes..
  • Leave the solitary work and seek inspiration together with colleagues. Not because it’s easy, but because it makes sense to take advantage of this little-explored exchange, called intervision, as the last reflective link in your singing/instrument lessons.
Singer voice therapy

How long does TeachingLab last?

  • Weekly online meetings
  • For 3 months

How is it dictated?

  • Online synchronous
  • Internships: guided classes
  • Practice of collegial exchange methods

Who is TeachingLab for?

  • Singing or instrument teachers and professors
  • Professional singers and instrumentalists

For how many people?

  • Limited seating
  • To guarantee guided classes for each participant

What do you achieve in TeachingLab?


  • You expand your teaching based on your own experience, to one based on awareness and observation of the voice/instrument-mind-body-emotions complex.
  • You learn to initiate, guide and accompany transformation processes in the classroom.
  • You discover the advantages of prioritizing and segmenting objectives.
  • You develop your own methods or highly individualized solutions, according to the needs of each student.
  • You consider all aspects of musical precision, to solve technical problems.
  • You manage objectives and expectations, yours and your students’.
  • You learn to exercise “circularly”, to make your classes efficient and dynamic.
  • You develop a humanistic vision of your task, contemplating aspects of the student’s personality and behaviors and reflecting on your role in the process.
  • You achieve musical results that are sustainable over time and dynamically adaptable to the musician’s needs.
  • You accompany your students in the discovery of an individual, healthy, acoustically and artistically effective sonority.
  • You organize, together with your colleagues, intervision sessions, in order to ensure a space for inspiration and reflection among experts.

What will you learn in TeachingLab?

TeachingLab consists of 5 pillars on which you build your singing lessons, to inspire, guide and transform:

1. The change of roles and the infinite game: from musicians to teachers.

2. Safe ground of musical physiology.

3. The phases of the artistic learning and transformation process.

4. Communication between you and your student.

5. Intervision: the collegial exchange as a space for reflection for teachers and the last link to increase the efficiency of your classes.


Did you have any doubts?

Why do I have to be a professional singer/instrumentalist to attend this course?

Because your experience as a professional singer/instrumentalist is inescapable when it comes to taking responsibility for future musicians. Although I understand the teaching of singing/instrumentation as a very different job profile from that of the singer/instrumentalist, the teacher must be able to measure the scope of what he/she proposes to the student and also exemplify, if necessary, each sound or musical phrase that he/she asks of his/her students with absolute certainty.

What are guided classes?

Guided or tutored classes, this is what I call “classes in class”. In it you will teach a student, with my help and that of your colleagues present. We will reflect together on the steps to follow, putting into practice the knowledge acquired in each module. I will accompany you in the search for individualized solutions, depending on the case.

What is collegial intervision or collegial exchange?

Intervision is a practice that comes from professions such as psychology, pedagogy and social work. Through intervision you can present to a group of colleagues, cases of students that occupy or concern you, in an informal way or following a method that you will learn and practice in TransformaciónLab. Because as someone said: if you don’t know, it’s good to know who does!

What happens if I cannot attend a face-to-face meeting?

The online meetings will be recorded and made available to you in case you are unable to attend or want to listen to them again.

How long do I have access to the TeachingLab course?

You can access the recordings of the online meetings and other materials for one year.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee? What happens if I have regrets?

TeachingLab requires committed participants to reflect on its contents, in order to discover the secrets of productive, rewarding and exciting teaching.

If for any reason, after the first class you feel it is not for you, just let us know and we will refund your money.

Do I have discounts to access the membership after completing the course?

Participants who wish to continue learning and training in the exclusive circle of a membership can access it at a 30% discount.