Singer voice therapy

If you suffer from vocal problems

With or without clinical relevance, I help you regenerate vocal function and high artistic performance to return to the stage.

Singers in crisis


Talking about vocal disorders in singers has always been a taboo subject. However, most professional singers have experienced at least one vocal crisis throughout their careers.

Just as athletes suffer injuries that prevent them from playing, singers can develop a vocal disorder that, for a time, prevents them from singing.

This is how you, voice expert, even with the best vocal technique can develop vocal fatigue, nodules, edema and hematomas. The reasons can be many.

In a sensitive vocal work, I go with you in the regeneration of your voice, your technique and the recovery of the high artistic performance.

If your particular case presents clinical relevance (organic alterations), rehabilitation and evaluation are done in regular consultation with the otorhinolaryngologist (and speech therapist or speech therapist if necessary).

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The concept

In most cases, singing voice disorders occur in the superficial layers of the vocal folds.