Singer’s Voice Therapy

The goals

Singing is a sensitive artfulness. While working towards certain acoustic and functional voice results, artistry and well-being on stage remain an individual matter and influence goal setting massively.


In general, the process of regenerating your singing voice is guided by the following:

  • Restore the original vocal technique and correct compensatory vocal mechanisms that you might have developed to cover up vocal instabilities
  • Develop new techniques to replace subtle inefficient vocal functions  
  • Increase conscious-unconscious congruence while “driving” your voice.
  • Strengthen your resources which allow you to stay in flow , creative, motivated, even under high performance and discipline demand. 
  • Dismantle perfection and anxiety in the practice room. Re-establish instead the layered and playful nature of singing and transfer it to the professional daily work.
  • Rehabilitation of singing functions after an operation (phonosurgery or other operations that affect or have affected singing)
  • Repertoire review -before the vocal disorder- and possibilities for the future
  • Disband stage fright post vocal damage
  • Keep healthy and flowing and prevent disorders

The concept

In most cases, singing voice disorders occur in the superficial layers of the vocal folds.

sing course

The objectives

The regeneration process of your singing voice is guided by a series of objectives that you must know and apply.

The symptoms

The symptoms

Most of the singers who come to my office have symptoms that only appear in the singing voice.


The origin

Vocal disorders are most of the time multicausal. Let’s see what the disorders are and what they are due to.