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Singing science helps.

Singing is about navigating consciously, a muscle system that moves involuntarily. Cornelius Reid.

Traditional singing techniques tend to pay much attention to reach our sound intentions. And this can bring us far. Nevertheless, there is a missing link in the chain having little or no conscious attention: the “brain automated” nature of singing functions, like pitch accuracy, vibrato, intensity and messa di voce.

The more congruent the gap between conscious and involuntary or “brain automated” voice control, the more self-organized and reliable your singing. 

Singing self-organization transforms bad voice days in good ones and prevents voice injuries.

It makes voice flow and musical precision possible. 

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Architecture & Singing

Architects design spaces considering not only  pure architectural design, but many external conditions. This way, in addition to aesthetic preferences, the wind, climate and soil conditions, play an important role in design, and materials to be chosen.

The same way, singing -and being a singer- goes far beyond developing vocal techniques and training.

When you know the soil in which the voice develops, the winds that threaten it and the climates that favour it, you achieve a dynamic vocal technique and artistic freedom on stage .

An extraordinary singer requires highly individualized strategies that ALWAYS consider the person behind the voice.