Ready to sing difficult stuff with EASE? If not, this free webinar is for you. Easiness and flow doesn’t appear on stage if you didn’t meet them in your practice room before 🙃. This wants also to be learned and your nervous system shows you the way.

When you’re on stage, you don’t want to think of singing technique. A self-organized voice -and body- can do the hard job for you. You can enjoy.

The webinar will be about:

➡️Underlying principles of voice and body self-organization to boost presence and connection with your voice sound and to add performance stress confidently

➡️3 ways to untie a self-organization process in sensitive steps and reduce overthinking and micromanagement during practices

➡️answering the questions you bring at the end of the webinar

What Singers are saying…


“I definetely recommend the BAD TO VIVID VOICE DAYS workshop for singers
who’d like to understand the relationtionship between ANS and voice or for those
who are looking for an integrated approach to singing as a whole body-mind
experience and probaly are a little bit tired of micro-managing;)
Thank you very much for your workshop and sharing your knowledge with us,
being helpful, patient and supportive!”

Galina Rosert

Opera singer, Sopran. Germany

“BAD TO VIVID VOICE DAYS is the perfect workshop to look behind the scenes
and get a way deeper understanding of the topic voice and how to work with voice
as an artist and teacher. It goes beyond technique and gives you new possibilities
of solving problems and approaching your voice in a holistic way. Explained very
well, scientific insights and very useful exercises!
Thank you very much! I really loved the workshop”

Tabea Emmelmann

Jazz singer, Singing teacher, Holistic Voice therapy Germany

I am Gabriela Labanda
Singer – Singing Voice Specialist – Singing Teacher – Trauma Informed Voice Professional

After a traditional singing study and already in my first contract in Germany, I met the New Yorker singing teacher Cornelius Reid, and his Functional Voice Development.

With him, I had my first “Brain Based” singing approach. A completely new and efficient way of training singing functions that are physiologically self-organized: pitch accuracy, vibrato, intensity, messa di voce.

The vocal tract and the respiratory system are attached to a bigger system: the autonomic nervous system. Gaining autonomic awareness allowed me to close the gap between intentional & unvoluntary voice production. As a consequence the singing voice organize itself and produces a richer sound with ease.

Some years later, I met the Neuro Affective Relational Model and Somatic Experiencing and went deeper into the relationship singing voice-nervous system. Befriending them is the secret to restore voice health,  high performance and the feeling well-being on stage.

This workshop combines both: self-organized singing and nervous system regulation to help singers deal with bad voice days,  restore singing voice functions and the sense of safety and voice connection.


I participated in Gabriela’s Openclasses (Teatro San Martin, Argentina). Her audition’s training helped me feeling just good in auditions and competitions… And it has already yielded great results! I recently became a contract as a Soprano in an Opera Choir. Gabriela’s warm and human way of working towards excellence turned my pressure into enthusiasm. I also participated in her course Pedagogy of Singing (University’s Music Institute, Argentina). There, Gabriela weaves the art and science of singing and teaching… That’s when I realized: there is no good singing lesson without taking into account the person behind the voice.

Maria Siñeriz

Soprano, Opera Choir Teatro San Martin, Tucumán, Argentina

If you are looking to widen your knowledge about the way your voice works and how your whole body can help in the process, “Sing well when it matters” is the course you need. The performer’s loop with the concepts of pre-performance and post-performance were new and very helpful to organize my expectations.
“Ears work”, fascinating. Here you’ll find concrete explanations of bodily functions that come together to make sound in a healthy and acoustically efficient way. Gabriela is generous with her knowledge and thorough in her explanations. I loved that she showed genuine interest in everyone’s questions and always took her time to answer them.

Pilar Labanda

Soprano, Opera Choir of Teatro San Martin, Tucumán, Argentina

Finding a person with Gabriela’s experience and knowledge was what encouraged me the most. Her online program “Sing well when it matters” is a short course, based on specific knowledge about anxiety and a clear methodology to approach such a common feeling that can interfere in our performance. It opens possibilities for you to investigate and exercises to experiment and regulate your nervous system. The “group feeling” was a big plus to share with other musicians and realize you are not alone. On top, you can express individual doubts or experiences directly to Gabriela.

Zuberoa Aznárez

Classic, Pop and Folk Singer, Spain

If you’re struggling with your voice, especially at important concerts or big events, I highly recommend you working with Gabriela. She clearly explains how nerves affect your body and your singing – and even better: she offers regulating solutions and exercises. So that, yes, you can “sing well when it matters!”. The way Gabriela delivered the course was very clear and pro. In combination with her expertise, that creates a lot of trust.
I’m happy I joined “Sing Well When It Matters”!

Helen Botmann

Pop Singer, Netherlands

This course offers a new point of view over feelings, emotions and body responses while singing. Gabriela gently explains the science behind emotions and offers tools to cope with anxiety and difficult thoughts.
Thank you!

Helga Petris

Pop Singer, Italy

This course is practical and theoretical… at the end you understand better what to do in bad voice days… I understood how striving for perfectionism produces anxiety and complicates everything. Revealing was to feel and understand how anxiety affects singing and how you can regulate your nervous system and enhance performance. Gabriela gave practical, science based knowledge to help singers to help themselves…
Complex correlations were explained in an easy, interesting and very informative way. Examining the area and acknowledging the shared challenges in a supportive group was beneficial for me.
Building a toolbox to befriend anxiety and develop skills, amazing.

Grace Cantwell

Opera Singing Student, Dublin, Irland